Retire Strong

Are your assets protected from rising taxes, potential recession and volatile markets?

You already know diversification is key to a solid financial strategy, but how else might you protect your legacy? In “Retire Strong: Preserve and Help Protect Your Wealth and Leave a Legacy,” Craig Kirsner and Sean Burke address many of your pressing retirement concerns, including:

  • Are you concerned about potentially higher taxes? If so, what strategies should you look into now?
  • Learn strategies to help protect your retirement assets from the next recession - what should you do now to prepare?
  • The high costs of many mutual funds and variable annuities - what are you really paying in fees each year?
  • The “Stretch ira” ended in 2020! Craig’s 7 strategies to use now
  • How can you adapt to today’s volatile economy, tax laws and evolving investment world? Are you truly diversified, or do you just think you are?
  • Learn advanced ira tax strategies that could save you a tremendous amount of income taxes
  • Revenue sharing: what is it and how could it affect your retirement planning?
  • What are your newest long-term care protection options?
  • And more!
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