No Two Retirees Look Alike – And Neither Do Their Investment Strategies

A detailed, customized analysis that speaks to your retirement needs and risks


While it would be nice if one investment strategy worked to provide a financially-secure retirement for everyone, the truth is there is no such thing. You can’t rely on stereotypes or generic, well-meaning advice on strategy, even if it comes from so-called “experts.” Ensuring you have enough to live on once you retire is essential, but what “enough” is depends on a variety of factors, including your lifestyle, fixed expenses, and how much wealth you plan to leave to your heirs.

Regardless, every retiree needs a customized plan that focuses on maintaining sufficient income and safeguarding their wealth from the wild swings in the market – while planning to leave a legacy for their loved ones.

A great way to assess the financial health of your golden years is through a customized risk assessment, including a Portfolio Risk Analysis, from Stuart Estate Planning Wealth Advisors.

A different approach to risk assessment to meet different needs

Stuart Estate Planning Wealth Advisors uses a unique approach to risk assessment. This can be important since everyone has a different vision for their retirement, along with very different circumstances that may affect how much they can invest and where. An investment strategy that works for some might not be right for others. By the same token, the strategy that works for you today might not be the best way to go in five years, one year, or even next quarter.

Why a Portfolio Risk Analysis helps gives you a better picture of your retirement plan

A Portfolio Risk Analysis looks at all your current financial vehicles – stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401(k) accounts, IRAs, ETFs, annuities, and more – and then produces a “Risk Number” using specialized software. Your number is based on a scale of 1 to 99, with 1 being the safest (all cash) and 99 signaling that all of your investments are in an aggressive stock. A Risk Number gives you a more specific idea of exactly what your retirement plan looks like right now. It’s far more accurate than using vague terms like “aggressive” or “conservative” for an investment strategy.

The analysis doesn’t stop once you have a number. We also help determine how much risk you could afford to take on now and create a portfolio that matches your “Ideal Risk Number.”

Why different approaches are required over time

We all know that life can change on a dime. The stock market could experience another volatile period that affects your investments like we experienced in October 2018. We could have another real estate crash that impacts the value of your home and your financial circumstances. Your estate plan could change, as could your medical expenses. You could experience a divorce, the sudden loss of your spouse, or a remarriage.

That’s why Stuart Estate Planning Wealth Advisors continues to manage your portfolio over time. In order to jump on new opportunities or help mitigate losses during down times – and attempt to side-step risk– we rebalance your portfolio every quarter. By looking at trends and market-based indicators, we continue to make adjustments that reflect changes in the market … and your life in general.

Why portfolio stress tests could open up another angle of your retirement picture

Beyond a Portfolio Risk Analysis, we also conduct a “Historical Volatility Analysis,” or stress test. This type of assessment looks at historical rises and falls in the market and helps determines how much you could “potentially” make in a strong market as well as how much you stand to lose in a downturn.

The items in a Personalized Risk Analysis Report

After all of these steps have been taken, we will create a customized Personalized Analysis Report.

This report will:

  • Provide a clear analysis that is specific to your situation
  • Address your financial concerns and needs
  • Help provide answers to your most important retirement questions

No single retired investment strategy will work for everyone. In order to help secure your financial future, it can be essential that you understand your risks and steps you can take now in order to live comfortably as you age and leave a legacy to your loved ones. Stuart Estate Planning Wealth Advisors can help.

Learn more by attending an upcoming complementary dinner workshop at Ruth’s Chris or Abe & Louie’s in Boca Raton or Fort Lauderdale. This workshop is best suited for those over age 60 with between $500,000 to $10,000,000 in investable assets.

Go online or call our office to register now at 1-800-807-5558.

Craig Kirsner, MBA, is a nationally-recognized Author, Speaker and Retirement Planner, whom you may have seen on Kiplinger, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox,, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance, and others. Craig is the author of Retire With Confidence: Preserve and Protect Your Wealth And Leave A Legacy and is the creator of the Preserve and Protect Retirement System.

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